Jar Return Program

Reuse and Reduce

The Pasta Pronto team is consciously working toward efforts that can reduce our environmental footprint. We strive to find and use packaging that promotes recycling and waste reduction. That is one of the reasons why we use glass jars instead of plastic containers to package our sauces. Our jar return program was created in an effort to promote recycling by retrieving used jars for returning customers.

How do I return my jar?

Jars can be rinsed out and left on your doorstep where our team can pick them up when delivering your next order. We will wash, sanitise them and re-purpose their use for more fresh sauce. 

If you do not wish to return your jar then we encourage you to use it around the home for food storage, decorative pieces or other types of storage. 

Number of Jars Reused so far: 5